My Approach As Your Dissertation Coach

My Approach As Your Dissertation Coach
As your dissertation coach, I meet you where you are, taking into account your particular strengths, needs and challenges. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. The dissertation help I provide goes beyond the mechanics of Ph.D. completion because your academic project does not take place in a vacuum. You may be working professionally full or part-time, raising a family, volunteering and managing many other real world tasks.

Together, we take a holistic look at where you are now with your project, your academic goals, your lifestyle and your desired timeline. We craft an individualized, strategic plan for dissertation completion that fits into your schedule as seamlessly as possible.

We’ll decide together which approach is right for you: a fast track, intensive approach with a firm deadline or a slower-paced dissertation process that maximizes every learning opportunity at your disposal. As you progress, we will revisit our strategies as required to keep your project moving forward.

     My individualized support can help you make remarkable progress 

The reality is that many dissertation students do not receive the support they need through their programs. Following the completion of coursework, it’s all too common for graduate students to be left alone to work through what can become an amorphous project without concrete deadlines. Added to this is the variable approaches dissertation chairs or supervisors can take to working with students.

While many supervisors provide effective guidance and are responsive, others are hands-off and provide very little help. Dissertation Complete Coaching meets the needs of doctoral and masters students who are not getting the support they require to make progress and graduate. All one-one-one dissertation clients work directly with Dr. Cara Weston-Edell and receive targeted mentorship as part of their coaching package.

Dissertation Complete Coaching support includes:

Weekly individual coaching calls (via phone or Zoom)
A strategic accountability plan for dissertation completion
Unlimited access to Dr. Cara via email
Ongoing feedback on your working draft
Comprehensive assistance throughout each phase of your dissertation process
Depending on dissertation client needs, specific areas of coaching assistance can include:

Helping you develop and refine your topic and research questions/hypotheses
Providing assistance with determining your problem and purpose statements
Supporting the development and organization of the literature review
Giving feedback and advice on your methodology, findings and discussion chapters
Helping you work through the structure, development and organization of each chapter
Preparing you for proposal and final defense presentations
Providing ongoing feedback on your writing and helping you address suggestions and edits from your supervisor and committee members
Navigating supervisor and committee conflicts and challenges
Strategically helping you stay organized, set goals, and meet deadlines

​ What my coaching clients say:
“After recovering from an illness, I needed help jumpstarting my daily writing routine when I fell out of practice. I reached out to Dr. Weston and we worked together to develop a plan to improve my writing discipline. We discussed writing strategies during our sessions, but more importantly we worked on how to incorporate my scholarship into my everyday life.”

Max E., Concordia University

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